Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Coffee to Cocktails

December is by far one of my favourite months of the year. Not only because it happens to be my birthday month, but I love the festivities and spontaneity that it seems to bring. I can definitely speak from experience when I say that all of this fun comes with an added stress of outfit planning. My theory right now is, why waste time with fifteen outfit changes (just me?) whilst getting ready for a night out, when you can nail your day and night outfit in one clean hit. Enter my take on a day to night transformation and how I take my party season look from coffee to cocktails...
Jumpsuit: Debenhams, J by Jasper Conran (Buy here
Shirt: Debenhams, J by Jasper Conran (Buy here
Bag: Debenhams, J by Jasper Conran (Buy here
Shoes: Debenhams, Faith (Buy here)

When I am working I like to be comfortable, and this J by Jasper Conran jumpsuit gives me exactly that. The fit is flexible enough to pair with a shirt underneath, which not only gives a professional look, but also helps with layering against the inevitable English weather. On the subject of comfort, I have been looking for the perfect work shoe for when I am running around for a while now - especially as the weather is starting to get icier! These patent loafers seem to be the perfect winter work shoe, whilst still managing to look classy.

As many of you can probably relate, I feel like I am constantly hauling all of my belongings around with me. Laptops, iPads, chargers, notepads, makeup - you name it, it's hanging from my shoulder. This genuine suede bag has been a life saver for me and my day-to-day errands. It's sturdy and has the room to accommodate all of my necessities (and my not-so-necessities) within dedicated pocket space, it also happens to be my favourite colour. Win win win.

Being on the go a lot - I have learnt to transform my makeup in a matter of minutes in order to be out of the door on time. I always keep some of my staple products on hand for the occasions where I need a quick turnaround or a spontaneous transformation post-work...

Day-to-day I don't really wear eyeshadow that much, but it is something that can take my look from day to night in minutes. This Urban Decay palette is a handheld dream for doing just that, it also has a mirror built in which is practically the size of the entire lid (no exaggeration), so it's always a go-to item for me to grab in a hurry.  Ok, so I am not going to profess to be an eyeliner specialist, but lets just say that when I am getting ready for a night out, my winged liner can get ~a little~ out of control. My razor sharp silver liner is ideal for helping me to get my wings fabulous, even, and ready for the night ahead. Did someone say water resistant? Cue the rain...

 Only one thing left to do in my routine at this point, and that is to spray my working day away. What else is better to do this than TOM FORD Black Orchid? Answers on a postcard please...nothing. Not only is this bottle of dreams black and gold (if you can't tell by now, I like black) but the smell is insane. For me, this fragrance is the epitome of elegance. Its long lasting but not overpowering, another must have for my party season survival kit.

Eyeshadow Palette: Debenhams, Urban Decay (Buy here)
Liquid Eyeliner: Debenhams, Urban Decay (Buy here)
Fragrance: Debenhams, TOM FORD (Buy here)

Now, did someone say cocktails...

This look was easy for me to feel fully transformed from my coffee fuelled day into a cocktail based evening. After transferring the essentials into a velvet clutch and throwing on some pointed heels, you have got yourself what feels like a completely different outfit. Perfect for the days/nights where time doesn't seem to be on your side but its okay, because this outfit transformation definitely is. 

Jumpsuit: As above (Buy here)
Heels: Debenhams, J by Jasper Conran (Buy here)
Clutch: Debenhams, Debut (Buy here
Cocktails not included - recommendations on request.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Feel Good Friday

       So my Sunday blues seem to have kicked in once again. Even more so this week as I have had one of the best weekends with my favourite people. 

On Friday, me and my sister took a little road trip to Liverpool to have an overnight stay at the Titanic Hotel. I don't get to see her as much as I would like, so we try to plan adventures whenever we get the chance! We arrived at the hotel mid-morning and kicked our stay off with a cocktail and then a spot lunch. Now, for those of you who know me, you'll know that I am a massive foody, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the salad I chose was one of the best salads I've had. Ever. It was the Salad of Torn English Mozzarella (grilled peach, prosciutto, wild rocket and balsamic glaze) literally - amazing. Ok so enough about food...

We checked into our superior room and were amazed to be welcomed by views overlooking the surrounding docks. It really did feel like we were on a boat (even though it did start snowing...not ideal!). After dumping our bags we headed down to the basement as we were booked into the Maya Blue Spa for the afternoon. So I won't lie - this was my third trip to a spa in three months, but hey - who's complaining? We were both booked in for a half an hour back neck and shoulder massage. It was honestly the most relaxing massage I have ever had in my life. We then took a break from relaxing to do some more relaxing in the main spa area. We were spoilt for choice with the facilities from hydro pools, saunas, steam rooms, and foot spas. As the spa was in the basement of the hotel, it was very peaceful, and you never would have known you were underneath the hustle and bustle above. Give me a robe and some slippers and I'll be your friend for life but pair that with the exposed brickwork of the basement and you really are onto a winner!

We had to eventually pluck up the strength to tear ourselves away from the spa (it was difficult) and head to our room to get ready to venture into central Liverpool in search for ~more~ food. We were armed with Prosecco and chocolates, because well, start the night as you mean to go on and all that! With the whole snow situation, I opted for a black flared jumpsuit as I didn't quite feel ready to lose my legs to frostbite just yet. The Zara jumpsuit that I wore is the most ideal fit, and I am a sucker for flares so this ticked all boxes for me. I wanted to rock things up a little bit and my new boohoo studded jacket was the perfect addition for this. I have seen so many versions of this jacket and the price range can escalate into the hundreds, which is why I am so pleased with this one - its affordable but also, majorly kick-ass.

It's safe to say the night didn't just stop at food. We somehow fought the food coma that had been intensified by our pamper day, and headed out to some bars on Seel Street and Concert Square. Naturally I spent Saturday morning nursing my hangover in my favourite Missguided silk kimono robe before I had to make my way to Manchester to meet some friends. Hey - someone has got to do it.

I feel very lucky to be able to spend quality time like this with my sister, who happens to be THE biggest babe. I am already plotting our next adventure...

Shop my style:
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Kimono Robe: Missguided (Buy here)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cheap Frills

Jumper: New Look (Buy here)
Jacket: All Saints (Buy here)
Faux Fur Scarf: New Look (Similar here)
Boots: Topshop (Similar here)
Bag: Zara (Buy similar here)

Monday, 31 October 2016

Moddershall Oaks

Okay so its 4:30pm and I have been sat at a computer all day. My eyes, brain, and body ache. It's at this point that I am craving a relaxing evening by a pool sipping Prosecco whilst waiting for my 7:30pm back massage. This was me last Thursday, except that I was lucky enough to actually have an evening booked at Moddershall Oaks; a country spa retreat in Staffordshire. I was booked in for a date night package - which covered you from the moment you arrived, from a body treatment of my choice, and even a two course dinner.

I arrived at the spa around 5pm and hastily ditched my bags and headed for the outdoor pool. I was given a brief itinerary in the form of a massage at 7:30pm and dinner at 9pm. Perfect. Now, I have been to a couple of spas before - but no pool had a view like this. What could be better than being in a pool with views like this? Being handed a glass of Prosecco. Which is exactly what happened. 10/10 for timing.

One of the things I dread (exaggerative) is being in a pool and then having to hop foot it across to where your towel and gown are. This just wasn't an issue at Moddershall Oaks because right next to the pool was a heated area with a log fire. Not only was this the cutest setting possible when overlooking the rolling hills, but it also helped to keep the cold at bay whilst I dried off. The spa wasn't overcrowded at all, so this was great for mooching around and getting a seat right in front of the burning fire. Hibernation mode: activated.

Not only has Moddershall Oaks got amazing nooks and crannies where you can go to relax, but it also has the most incredible grounds. I had a little wander (nothing too strenuous, of course) around the lake which was just so peaceful. I felt like a nice little stroll broke the evening up nicely and didn't make me feel too guilty about settling in for the night.

Once I had finished up outdoors and the sun had set, I ventured inside to...well...relax some more. I was given fresh towels (I had misplaced mine somewhere in-between getting into the pool and drinking my Prosecco!) and magazines to browse through. To make me feel even more cosy, I experienced the log fire from the other side, which as you can imagine, was just as nice following my dip.

Just before I headed to my treatment, I found what seemed like an underground spa area, which had everything from pools to steam rooms, and even hot beds. This area had such a great ambiance, with twinkling lights above the pools to add that extra bit of tranquility. 

Before I knew it, it was 7:25pm and I had to head to the treatment suite for my massage (I use the word "had" as though it was a chore!). They had a whole host of treatments available, and even offering some limited edition winter packages - one of which I opted for; a Gold Honey Back Massage. It was a 30minute massage which really relaxed me. In addition to this, the therapist also noticed that I had a lot of tension in my feet (something which I have been moaning about for a long time now) and spent five minutes seeing if she could ease the tension. This was obviously really great for me as she didn't have to go out of her way to do that! She also recommended some Elemis oils to try from reception which also helped with my tension. What's a girl to do next in-between her massage and dinner?...relax!

There was one part of the spa that I was especially obsessed with, and this was called "The Snug". This was an area where they host treatments and parties. It even had a dressing area with a mirror that lit up - every girl's dream! Getting a group of your friends together and heading to the snug with some bottles of wine...perfection. Check out the packages that they do in the snug here.

To top off a really lovely evening, the only thing left to do was to get showered and head to dinner. We sat in the restaurant which again was tranquil, whilst we enjoyed our two course meal. There were plenty of options on the menu and in true style I opted for a good old fashioned steak. The food came to our table promptly and we didn't have to ask for anything. A couple more glasses of Prosecco later and I think we were finally ready for our bed...

If you're looking for a great spa break to wind down and restore, check out Moddershall Oaks to see all of the different packages and events they have going on! Especially for special occasions.