Thigh High | Daytime

Sunday, 11 January 2015

I cant believe it is the end of another weekend already. How does 9pm on a Sunday evening come round so soon?? I have had a relatively busy week - so sleeping until midday on Saturday morning was probably the biggest achievement of my weekend - followed by a great night back in Birmingham last night! 

Thigh high boots have been an obsession of mine for a long time, and I normally just stick to wearing them on a night out, but this weekend I was inspired and so decided that it is now always appropriate to wear them. The weather has been extremely temperamental recently and I think I must have experienced winds of around 120mph whilst taking these photos...ideal hat wearing weather, as you can imagine. I am also starting to think it may be time to invest in a camera that is a little more advanced than my iphone 5s. I hope everyone has had lovely weekends, I am now going to spend my evening scouring my Pinterest to find life inspiring quotes,  as this always seems to ease a hangover. Oh and also set my alarm for tomorrow. Zzzzzzz...

Coat Zara
Dress Matalan
Leggings/Hat Zara
Boots Faith

Weekend dreaming | Sunday Best

Friday, 9 January 2015

Dreaming of last weekend has got me thinking...if I was asked to describe my perfect Sunday, I think it would definitely involve a frothy coffee, food, fairy lights, and some sunshine (okay - three out of four ain't bad!) With Manchester failing to deliver in the tropical weather department, I was happy enough settling with my coffee and Camembert this weekend just gone. Artisan in Manchester has such a cool vibe which is set in a semi-industrial space - genuinely providing a relaxed environment. Although it was only a brief visit, I am keen to check out the full menu next time - but maybe with a little more wine.

New Years Eve | Floral

Saturday, 3 January 2015

This New Years Eve I had every intention of wearing the most ridiculously glittery or sequinned dress that I could find. Somehow what I actually ended up with...was the most florally summer-holiday dress. I must admit it was a last minute attempt as I ordered this online from ASOS the night before (risky business) - but it arrived on time and it is definitely my new favourite dress. I feel like you cant go wrong with a high neck and low back combination and it is definitely something a little different. Of course the glittery crown was a necessity and I would be lying if I said I wasn't toying with the idea of this becoming a permanent fixture...

Dress ASOS
Crown H&M 
This dress is now sold out on ASOS, but can be found here.

Happy New Year | Resolutions

Saturday, 3 January 2015

I guess I should start this post with "Happy New Year!" I hope everyone had the greatest time bringing in 2015 - wherever you were. In true "New Year, New Me" style, I have made a list of things that I would like to dedicate my time to this year - blogging being one of them. Afterall, someone recently said to me "do what you love". Towards the end of 2014 my blogging effort slipped, and I blamed having a full time job for consuming my time - but its a poor excuse. So I am committed more than ever now to blog on a regular basis and I am definitely starting as I mean to go on.

I have been reflecting on last year a lot I guess you tend to do when its a new year! I have realised how much of a whirlwind it has been and how fast it went. I finished University in June and somehow managed to get a full time job, which has allowed me to face new challenges in an area that I hadn't really considered before. It also meant that I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible people at the same time - which was of course a bonus. So in the same breath, I am excited for 2015, as I have no idea what other challenges it is going to bring.

I have the standard resolutions for this year - get fit, be nice, drink less coffee, but I read a quote recently, (which I have been finding myself doing a lot of) that mentions only talking about what you love. It seems sensible to want to reduce any negativity around you and that should probably start with yourself...I find it too easy to say I don't like things but this is mainly just habit when actually, it may just "not be my favourite".

So aside from blogging, being positive, drinking more coffee (whoops), I want to do an activity that is going to push me - so "Sundays at the climbing wall" may now actually become a thing. Who knows, maybe one day I will get to the top of one?! It has also been highlighted to me (repeatedly) that my geography knowledge may be somewhat lacking. You would think having a best friend with a Geography degree would have paid off? Apparently not. Therefore I want to learn more, and maybe this could be an ideal excuse for me to go to new places.

I realise that this post has probably rambled, but this year I feel like I have a much longer and varied list of things I want to achieve than any previously. I would be keen to hear what your New Year aims are? Or alternatively - if any of you have any geography facts you want to share...these are also welcomed!

Happy Saturday X

My quote of the week: "You think its cool to hate things. And it's not. It's boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don't".

Barcelona | Coffee and Cocktails

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I recently had the best weekend city break in Barcelona. One of my best friends is out there working at the moment and the temptation to book a last minute flight finally got the better of me. So within a matter of days I was packed and sat in Liverpool airport at 5am ready to board and embark on a coffee and cocktail filled weekend!

Its no secret that I have a love for coffee...and an even bigger love for photographing it. So in true best friend style, the first port of call when I got off the plane was the prettiest coffee shop in Placa Reial. The old square that the coffee shop was located in was amazing, and it was the perfect setting for a catch up! What we didn't realise until my last night, was that downstairs had the most incredible underground bar, which was filled with fairy lights and even had its own retro photo booth! The weather was hot for the entirety of the weekend, which meant we were able to fully commit to lounging by pools and increasing our cocktail and nacho consumption. I think one of my absolute favourite places I visited in that weekend had to be Surf House, which was a little cafe right on the beach front. Not only was the general vibe relaxed but the food was also amazing...and we soon learnt that it was the perfect spot for a hangover. In terms of touristy sightseeing stuff, the main highlight was Gaudi's Park Guell, which I was overwhelmed by the detail that went into its creation. There are definitely other famous sights that I want to explore in Barcelona...which only means I have an excuse to go back soon. 

I ended my weekend at Gran Hotel Sky Bar watching the sunset with a glass of Prosecco with a view over Barcelona. The rooftop bar also had an infinity pool - which I obviously steered clear of, as a combination of both alcohol and heels hasn't done me too many favours in the past with regards to standing upright! (I absolutely fell off my chair ten minutes into being there...the thought was there though).
Out of all the places I have visited around the world, Barcelona is definitely up there with one of my favourites. Not only because it reunited me with my best friend, but because as I found out, no matter what street you went down - it was full of character, pretty balconies...and coffee shops.

Mellow-yellow | Weekend

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Finally the weekend is here. So far I have had a lovely family meal as my sister has come home for the week - which is a rare occurrence as she is so busy! Apart from that though, my weekend plan is going to involve copious amounts of wine, spa treatments (post to follow) and catching up with my friends. This yellow bag is my baby at the moment because I often do wear a lot of black, it helps to brighten up my outfit. But also (as my best friend kindly pointed out) it seems to resemble a Polly Pocket bag...which is of course a win win situation! 

Just a quick post this morning - as my current priority is to find a corkscrew...Happy Saturday!

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Leather Jacket/Shoes/Bag: Zara, Trousers: River Island. Boobtube: Topshop

Work/French/Golfing vibes

Sunday, 28 September 2014

This is funny because a while back I said I was going to cut back on my Zara outfit posts. And this is totally a Zara outfit post. And then like two posts after that, I also said I was going to post more. And I didn't. And it also isn't really that funny. BUT it is difficult to post about all the things I have been doing, when those things generally just involve me working or taking a nap. 

It was the first day of autumn the other day though - which makes me ridiculously overexcited! I absolutely love all the things that come with this time of year and I am looking forward to dressing for the colder weather. One thing that I am looking to do over the next few weeks is rock climb. This has absolutely nothing to do with it being autumn - I just have a really big urge to go and scale a climbing wall. So hopefully, if I manage to rope (no pun intended) some friends into coming with me, and manage to survive the ordeal - there should be a climbing post coming soon! Thinking about Zara sell safety helmets????

Dress/bag/boots: Zara, Jumper: Mango, Watch: Michael Kors

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